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July 5th - October 4th 2020
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Through Civil Services Prelims Exam-2019 UPSC has again proved that it is taking some unconventional paths. This method and approach of UPSC require a preparation which is unconventional. Traditional preparation and Mock test approach of the institutions is not going to work going ahead. There is a need to take a quantum leap in the approach for prelims both in terms of content and testing patterns. We, Team Manifest IAS, have proved this year that our approach to Civil Services Prelims Exam -2019 is in the UPSC way by aligning our classrooms and tests to the UPSC relevant content which has given us brilliant results in form of 60+ questions in Prelims 2019. Kindly refer the article for proof -

But this is not enough. The traditional mock tests based on Pen and Paper exams have limitations in terms of the inputs they give to students and the self-analysis they provide. And some online platforms are just replicating Pen and Paper tests on the digital platform without using the capability of the digital domain. By considering these limitations and the dynamic nature of the preliminary exam we are providing mock tests powered by Xamplay - a data analytics-driven assessment platform that provides actionable insights to accelerate the process of learning. This platform in one which captures numerous data points of the examinee, like the time consumed for each question, the basis for answering a question (Knowledge, Elimination or Random Guess), the areas in which a student is weak and crunches the inputs to give useful insights to the aspirant. This platform uses the most advanced data analytics and logic trees to generate a report which gives a realistic assessment to the students and helps them reorient their preparation in UPSC way. Have a look at the video on the nature of the domain.

Here, at Manifest IAS, we are trying to build synchrony between Knowledge about UPSC with the most advanced and technology-driven testing platform to help the students in getting the best of both worlds.


Mock Tests for Prelims-2020

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 22 Mock Tests

 Strategic Topic Based Insights

 Feedback and Improvement suggestions

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